Axial fan Colibri 100

  • Colibri 100
  • Colibri 100 Silver
  • Colibri 100 Titan
Available color options
Colibri 100 White
Colibri 100 Silver
Colibri 100 Titan
Product range
  Basic model
White Colibri 100
Silver Colibri 100 Silver
Titan Colibri 100 Titan
Description of Colibri 100 Specification Dimensions, mm
Domestic fan Colibri is designed for exhaust ventilation and can be mounted on walls and ceilings.
The fan shows high capacity ( 95m3/h) and low level of noise 33dB(A). The fan is designed for connecting to AC 220V, 50 Hz network.
Fan case is made of ABS plastic.
Diameter, mm 100
Voltage, V 220-240
Current frequency, Hz 50
RPM 2300
Air flow capacity, m3/h 95
Noise level, dB(A) 33
Size Colibri 100
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